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These trips call for stronger breeds who are adventurous and happy to roam around but return when called for.The Bernese Mountain Dog, Australian Cattle Dog, and Australian Shepherds will make good camping partners.Winter sports are always fun but they require humans and dogs who can brave the cold.Most short-haired dogs will be sensitive to the cold, so if you love to spend all your time in the snow, choose a pooch with longer hair who enjoys lower temperatures.They also need to be trained from a very young age so they keep healthy, are obedient, and can channel their energy correctly.For those who enjoy cycling or rollerblading, you need a dog that can keep up with an even faster pace than running; this also requires long legs and a ton of energy.These dogs are smart, easier to train, and can be active for a greater portion of the day.

Most dogs love and need to go for walks but when it comes to long-distance walks, Border Collies, Doberman Pinschers, and Rottweilers are fast.Rescue shelters and adoptions centers are preferable as this often means saving a dog's life.However, some people prefer puppies or purebreds and these are easier to get from a breeder. You HAVE TO make sure that you get your dog from a reputable breeder to avoid any legal and moral issues, as well as medical issues with the dog.Dogs that are natural swimmers are best; however, you need to watch your dog in the water at all times and take a dog-size life vest with you.Labrador Retrievers, Portuguese Water Dogs, and the Standard Poodle are good options.

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