Do dating agencies really work

You end up like a bunch of my friends who take the highest paying job, every time, and take certifications to increase their earning potential at jobs they already hate.You’re also stuck when you don’t listen to #3 and your purchasing stuff and incurring debt for things like a new car or house.Know someone who has been bullied their entire lives, and still, as a grown man, won’t stand up for anything? It’s pretty ironic because these people give the illusion of financial freedom – more money than they need – but they’re actually way more stuck than most of us non-mercedes driving people.

When you ask people like this what they would rather be doing, or where they’d rather be, they just say “Anywhere but here.” It’s like you’ve numbed yourself to reality to try and cope with it better – higher lows, and lower highs, but more consistency you tell yourself.To me, this has always been a symptom of being stuck, or feeling trapped in the rat race. You have to get that angry bitter shit out of you, so you start cursing at drivers in traffic, calling the lady in line at Walgreens a bitch, and throwing mini tantrums whenever possible. Complaining is the most exciting part of their day – and it’s just about the only attention they get. Girl can’t quit job because girl owes lots of money.Ever met someone who complains about traffic, kicking over the dog bowl, the new co worker, spilling their coffee, being out of shape, the dog shitting on the rug, some rude person in the coffee line, the weather, etc. There’s one thing about getting stuck though – it’s easy and will happen naturally unless you invest time into . That terrified the shit out of me, so I dropped everything and left. Girl starts buying stuff (Furniture, clothes, new car). Girl continues to work because of the credit card bills she has to pay off from her stuff. There’s one thing that bothers me about young people. I’ve know a guy who people assume is making “mad money” because he has a house and drives a Mercedes and he’s not 30. Who can afford them.” “At least I’m paying my bills and I have a place to live.” “Ehh that’s only possible for a select few people.” For most of us, we hit that “stuck/fucked” spot right when we get the first secure job. Anything you want has to be attained through .” “Dreams?

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