Dating when you have roommates

Unfortunately, this risk is often exacerbated in couple-roommate situations.

Complaining about your roommate to your significant other often adds fuel to the fire.

On the flipside, don’t expect your apartment to be a honeymoon suite 24/7.

You might have to tone down your PDA and put on some clothes when your roommate is home.

While you and your partner are certainly entitled to date nights, you’ll have a better relationship with your roommate if you make an effort to be inclusive.

As part of the couple, try voicing your concerns directly to your roommate rather than perpetuating a two-on-one power dynamic.There’s nothing worse than a slow, simmering resentment between roommates.It often starts with something as simple as a dirty dish left in the sink, and can quickly escalate into full-blown, passive-aggressive warfare.Whatever arrangement you work out, make sure both parties are completely comfortable with it.Nothing breeds contempt between roommates like unresolved money matters.

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