Dating two women at the same time

He told me to cherish the time I spend with women-and I can do that, I've recently re-discovered how nice it is to have a female care about me.

But what if one or both of these relationships gets serious?

The biggest element of my quandary is deciding whether I should tell both girls about the fact that I want to see other people.

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One day, you’re swiping sullenly through Tinder bemoaning the lack of attractive, normal-seeming men that are possibly as tall as they say they are in their profiles, and the next, you find yourself drafting a spreadsheet to keep track of the nine dates that you have somehow booked for one week. Like all things in life, your dating life will ebb and flow.“How could it be that the universe is handing me such a Herculean task? This embarrassment of riches is your prize for enduring countless shitty dates and rebuffing the advances of grody bros in I-banker loafers who are too drunk to see straight while you’re waiting in line for the bathroom.If you ever, ever feel bad about dating more than one person, remind yourself that if you were a dude, this behavior would be second nature. The golden rule: Make sure they don’t know each other.With dating, this rule sadly doesn’t always hold true.In short, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but especially if things don’t feel entirely serious just yet.

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    I didn’t complain as I knew it had been hard for him, but he seemed very reluctant to actually tell people that we were dating.

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    I don’t like to mention the Mormon religion often in my writing but I find that this is key to understanding how dating in Utah works.

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