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If they need replaced just do it they are about .00 each.

My discussed pot in this thread is R137yyww = R1378131 = 1981/31st week (R137 = mfg)Typically, before 1981, you will see "wwyd" = week/year/day of week Example on a 1970s Stratocaster neck butt date "0903-2455" 09=Stratocaster 03=Maple Neck 24=24th Week 5=1975 5=Friday What I've been understanding, serial numbers are only an indication of a year, but could be five years off, like my Telecaster. I know nothing about the Lipstick pickups🤔 Heard of them and recently saw a Tele with a Lipstick on the neck pickup 🤔 Kevin, my thing is this.

Root got it shaved down to a standard Telecaster shape.

This made the 1970s Fender Telecaster logo go to the very edge of the headstock.

It is a maple neck with either a maple fretboard or an ebony fretboard.

It has a 12" (305mm) radius and Dunlop jumbo frets.

Having matching body and headstock serial numbers ties the two pieces together. Less stress & more interesting 😃 Toppscore 😎 By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.

Then, the neck-butt date code stamp gives the Strat/Tele a true year & week of production. There are alot of people like me that up grade or just fix stuff.

It has traits of a Gibson guitar and a Fender guitar. The guitar's heel is shaved so the player can access higher frets.

Root chose a nitro-lacquer finish because it tends to wear quicker than the normal polyurethane finish.

The guitar comes with a SKB molded case with a blood red plush interior. This guitar is made in Mexico while his signature Stratocasters are made in America. More recently they have released a Squier version of the Telecaster with passive solid-covered humbuckers. The guitar is rear routed but still has a pickguard.

I never heard that term before or did and just forgot it. When I get a slow responce or static as I turn them.

When I replace pick ups I put a new set of pots on it. I do an install that is cleaner than the ones that came new on the guitar.

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