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The secret to picking up girls in art galleries is to use opinion openers.

There are many Beautiful Thai girls who wish to have good lives with nice foreign husbands. I got divorced with my ex husband because he is addicted to drug. I am looking for a soul mate between 40 - 60, Caucasian or Asian. I am looking for a nice guy between 30 - 50 yrs, warmhearted, family loving, responsible, caring, sincere, friendly, I would like to have a child with my soul mate someday and I am willing to live abroad I'm single with a daughter. I am seeking a Cucasian soul mate between 35 - 60, responsible, sincere, goodhearted, hospitable, patient, not a womaniser, not stingy. Many people told me that I look younger than my age. I run my own shipping business and has about 10 employees. I've every thing I need except a nice guy to share love and life with.

Only slight catch is that your efforts to pickup a girl will put you in the spotlight. If you get rejected right there on the spot, it’s going to feel like the longest commute to work ever!

If you’re on a subway, it’s best you change carriage at the next stop if you want to avoid the humiliation.

To avoid entertaining nosy strangers, we recommend you use Richard La Ruina’s Stealth Seduction System to approach a girl under the radar and say, “Hey, fancy seeing you here! ” This will make it appear like you know the girl already so that the interaction is less like a cold approach.

Following this, whisper in her ear how you didn’t want to arouse suspicion that you were trying to chat her up.

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    The ideal booster for a single driver in a sedan will not be the same as the perfect choice for the family of four that is road-tripping in their RV.

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    (But trust us: unless your date has Barbie Dream Car fantasies, there's really only one option here.) When you decide you need a break from staring at nature, head to one of the city's 20 art galleries to take in the fine Southwestern paintings and ceramics.

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    There is such a difference between what is available for men and woman.

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