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As they came into contact with whites, they became known for their willingness to adapt to more modern lifestyles.

One important aspect of their traditional culture was the game of stickball, which the Choctaw invented. Indian tribes often used it as a method of settling disputes with neighbors rather than going to war.

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The Shoshone Indians are a tribe of Native Americans who traditionally lived in the western half of what would become the United States.

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You can send a nipple and you can send your face, but you can never send them in the same message. The internet is vast–and once something is on here, it’s on here forever.3b.If not because you’re not sure who you’re dealing with (e.g.a human with little brain capacity for words that are not spelled out) than certainly because some people (me) have a rather violent aversion toward empty acronyms, see: rotfl, lmao.At the time, Oklahoma was considered Indian Territory and was not a state. Removal of the Choctaw Indians from their homeland took place over the next few years.The Choctaw people had the choice of moving to the new land or remaining where they were and becoming U. They were the first group of Native Americans to be moved on the Trail of Tears.

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