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Long straight sections of track were laid along parts of the Caledonian Railway’s Inverclyde Line, including through Cardonald, to enable higher speeds and faster journey times to Gourock and Wemyss Bay.

Once the railway companies owned their own steamers, then the races could begin in earnest.

The postcard itself was not printed until the very early 1900’s but the image from which it was manufactured could have been obtained a few years earlier.

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One can imagine the captains yelling instructions to their engineers to give them more speed, and the heat generated down below as the stokers were busily shovelling coal into the furnaces.King Billy’s statue was in the Trongate for 163 years before it was removed, placed in storage for a few years, and then erected in the Cathedral precinct in 1926.Behind the King is the Caledonian Railway’s Glasgow Cross Station serving the Low-Level Line out of Glasgow Central.It’s interesting to reflect on the fact that a myriad of boat trains used to depart Glasgow daily for ports on the West Coast.There were trains from Glasgow Central bound for Gourock and Wemyss Bay; from St.

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