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Ages were determined at two hominid localities from the Chad Basin in the Djurab Desert (Northern Chad).

In the Koro Toro fossiliferous area, KT 12 locality (16°00′N, 18°53′E) was the site of discovery of (Toumaï).

This is unlike most other radiochronological methods (U-Th, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, K-Ar, Lu-Hf, Re-Os, etc.) that rely on parent–daughter ratios to determine ages.

In addition, because the absolute Be concentration depends also on parameters such as the scavenging efficiency and the specific surface area of the sedimentary particles, it cannot be used directly to determine an age.

Belle propriété entretenue et rénovée sur plusieurs aspects tels que sa magnifique cuisine moderne avec son îlot amovible.

Elle vaut la peine d'être visité pour vous surprendre avec ses multiples commodités.

This opens up the possibility to date sedimentary deposits in the range of 0.2 to 14 Ma.

Much as is the case with B, which is undistinguishable from common boron.

To apply the radioactive decay equation described above, it is thus essential to know the regional initial authigenic Be ratio.

In the summer you can find cooling in and around the beautiful spring with its 3 arches or go swimmming in the Tarn, where you can also canoe. Also in low season it is very pleasant at Mas Brunet.

The climate is moderate, the gites are located south and are equipped with e wood stove and have central heating.

Mas Brunet is situated in the middle of nature in a hilly and green landscape on a private property of 45 acres near the Tarn valley 32 kms east of the city of Albi (department Tarn). We did our best to preserve the original local style and used as much as possible the old building material and methods: slate, oak beams, , slate roofs, wooden windows and shutters..

The big former farm dating from the 17th century was at that time in a very bad shape.

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