Dating anniversaries to celebrate Free pantyhose live webcam uk chat

Those dating anniversaries were so really important to us and we’ve kept them going for almost 14 years. ) At the start we would exchange gifts, but now we just do something more low-key.

Remembering our miniversary each month is a lovely reminder to make time for each other and do something special.

They’re 6 months apart so we can have a big celebration for each one and it works for us.

Now that we’ve been together for so long, I was thinking of switching to just the wedding anniversary, but I still love celebrating both.

Anyway, the short and long of it is that we celebrate the 15th of every month. These days it’s not a big thing – we just wish each other a happy ‘Miniversary’ – a phrase I coined – then on the 15th September, our ‘Maxiversary’, we usually do something a bit more special. Of course, these days, the Maxiversary has been superseded by our wedding anniversary – 8th March.

Fortunately (and perhaps fortuitously) this is also International Women’s Day – another handy way for me to remember this very important day!

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