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Ask her three questions , and you’ll get her, every time!

If the conversation went well and you want to continue to talk to them, make sure to ask for their contact information before you part ways.

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That is pretty good representation from Canada.” Fintech’s disruptive reputation stems from start-ups that focused on direct interaction with consumers via an app, trying to keep banks out of the equation.

The night I met George, the epitome of a charming Englishman, I was immediately drawn to him.

After a long night out wandering the city with George, he put me into a cab.

When I wrote my college friend Rachel about George, she wrote back: What is with you and English guys?

They say ‘we can partner with banks.’ We still have disruptors, but even some folks that were trying to disrupt the market are shifting because they see [the value in] providing technology to the banks that the banks don’t have.

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