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And there’s a bluetooth-enabled OBD-II scanner for just .

That’s one-fifth what mechanics will charge for JUST ONE CHECK!

Every vehicle recently sold in the United States has an onboard diagnostic system that self-diagnoses a variety of vehicle issues through the vehicle’s diagnostic computer.Both of these scanners will give you a description/meaning, along with the actual code number. #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 h4 #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 p #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 .regular-text #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 .submit #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 .thanks #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 .error #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 . ” I recently answered this on Facebook and it went viral, gaining over 100K views in one day… Check out Blair Robertson's best-selling book, Afterlife by clicking here.The connector to this diagnostic system is called OBD-II (on-board diagnostic, version 2) and it is standardized for every vehicle sold in the US, 1996 and newer.When your on-board computer detects a problem, it outputs a code through the output, and the code can be read by an OBD-II code scanner, or reader.

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