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Read on to learn all about the celeb breakups that left fans reeling.

that his client was "shocked" by Johansson's decision to divorce.

Though everyone wants very, very badly to know, only Mike has the guts to ask her if she and Ronnie are still friends. “That door is closed and will remain shut for a long time.” Over dinner and drinks, they chat about their Botox (that includes Mike) and boob jobs (that includes Sammi, who once memorably disparaged JWoww’s), the times they punched one another in the face, and who among their castmates they’d still like to smush.

When in doubt, assume that everyone on Pauly reflects on his sexual heyday: “They film 24/7, so all the hookups were on tape. I want it.” Sammi reveals that the producers would play them earlier episodes, which were airing as they filmed the next season, to get them riled up to fight.

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Only Jenkinson’s in Point Pleasant would have them back.(No offense, Burger King ads.) I should mention sooner rather than later that I am an extremely biased reviewer: I have said “cabs are here,” out loud, at least three times in this calendar year. Considering that Mike’s disastrous entrée into comedy at He first goes to pick up Snooki from her beach house.I once went to a Providence club that was terrible by any metric — except in number of stripper poles per capita — specifically because Rhode Islander Pauly D used to DJ there. The self-described former “train wreck” is now a mother of two and the owner of her own perfume and clothing line.We were happy together for four years and will remain in each other's lives." .Kirke, who shares daughter Rafaella Israel and son Memphis with Mosberg, attributed the breakup to her acting career.

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    Its centerpiece project is its AWF Scholarship Program for Young Actors which provides selected talents a year-long curriculum and training in acting. The film broke box-office records and helped Sampaguita Pictures rise again after a big fire gutted its studio. Nolasco ’s Siete Dolores (Seven Sorrows) and Mga Busabos ng Palad (Slaves of Fate), 1948; Eddie Infante ’s Ina (Mother), 1948; and Tony Arnaldo’s Anak ng Pulubi (Child of a Beggar), 1951.