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Alongside this, I train in the gym, weights, and do a lot of high-intensity interval training to keep my lungs working properly." – Sophie Holmes "It's a nuisance in terms of remembering to take tablets precisely 12 hours apart so that they work effectively, which becomes harder than you think across time zones, wanting to sleep in, etc." – Nick Talbut "For me CF means to be constantly aware of my body and noticing if a chest infection is coming on or if I am about to have a hypoglycaemic attack, and being prepared for these events.Whether that means simply eating a few sweeties or going to stay at the hospital for two weeks, it's always being prepared." – Poppy Roberts "My CF story is a strange one. All babies are screened for it now at around 10 days old.This is due to the different bugs that we carry – we would actually put each other at risk.This is quite isolating and especially upsetting as so many people with the illness are children and young adults.A persistent cough is a symptom of cystic fibrosis, but it's so much more than that.A sticky mucus builds up on the lungs, and digestive organs are also affected by the mucus." – Poppy Roberts "Waking up an hour earlier than those without CF to take tablets, nebulisers, and recover from a cough-filled night's sleep all before 8am.Tablets with everything I eat and trying to fit in a job on top of everything else is pretty tough going."Lots of coughing, phlegm, and poo if I'm entirely honest. Tablets, calories, nebulisers, exercise, calories, work, tablets, nebulisers, calories.

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"This is a very strange condition for a 20-year-old as it normally affects alcoholics, drug users, and the elderly (and people with CF, but doctors didn't know that was what I had at the time).To have friends who are going through similar struggles would be so helpful.I think the CF community are particularly vocal online for this very reason." – Martha Lane "The majority of my issues when I was young were digestive, which is slightly against the grain when it comes to CF, so it took over three years to get a formal diagnosis, which is a fairly long time when you have a very unhappy malnourished little boy."One doctor examined me one day, agreed with the suspicions of my parents and quickly arranged a sweat test, which proved them all right and CF was the result." – Michael Winehouse"I have had CF my whole life.I once had a girl say to me, 'So snot comes out of your mouth? '" – Poppy Roberts "People with CF can pass potentially deadly bugs that, while harmless to most, could prove fatal to another with CF.For this reason, two people with CF can't meet – making it an isolating condition." – Dr Keith Brownlee"We aren't allowed to mix.

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