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Even with Houston’s opener coming up, he was determined to carry out the vetting process as he allocated the money, and the​ St.

Bernard Project (launched nearly 12 years earlier, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina) was on Watt’s radar early on.

“It got so hot outside that we asked him if he wanted to take a break, and he refused.

Afterward, he started thinking about all these things he wanted to do for other natural disasters.” A five-hour drive north, in Hudson, Iowa, Kevin Yoder and Michael Roberts, volunteer co–head coaches on their sons’ third- and fourth-grade flag football team, wondered if their boys would be interested in helping out.

After all, they were extended members of the Houston family—months prior, in a random draw, their team was assigned Texans-branded uniforms.

“We gave them the challenge on Tuesday night [after the hurricane],” says Yoder.

In the end, they collectively contributed ,152 to Watt’s fund.

Each became a twisted monument to a historic storm, one that caused 8 billion in damage, the costliest hurricane in U. “You recognize it—in pieces—as the components of people’s lives.” This was Labor Day, 10 days after the Category 4 Hurricane Harvey first made landfall in Texas, dropping as much as 60 inches of rain in parts of the greater Houston area. May, a slim, unassuming former Marine, is the national director of recovery for the St. His organization had been on the ground for a week, helping rebuild in some of the hardest-hit areas, when he was summoned by the rep of a Houston Texans player who wanted to help. “When you deal with celebrities in these situations, typically there’s someone who heads the team—[someone] who’s not the celebrity. “I went to shake his hand, and he shook my forearm up to my wrist.” By the time Watt met with May on Sept.But you have to look at some of the smaller contributions to understand Watt’s true impact.Clay Iverson had coached Watt and his two NFL-bound brothers, Derek and T. When Iverson’s two sons, 12-year-old Calvin and nine-year-old Corey, saw a You Tube video about Watt’s fund, they asked, “Dad, could we donate? It’s one of the greatest things he’s done [for my family]. In Jefferson City, Mo., Allison Patrick was following the news of the flooding in Houston when, on a Friday afternoon, she asked her six-year-old son Hudson if he’d like to raise money and donate.May arrived in a neighborhood largely spared from the floods and pulled through the front gate of a mansion, expecting to be greeted by a foundation director or some other support staff. 4, he was the head of an .5 million fund that was still swelling with contributions big and small, from lemonade stand proceeds to six-figure donations from celebrities like Drake.Instead he found a 6' 5", 290-pound three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, just back from his team’s facility, where he’d been preparing for his season opener, six days away. Forgoing his famously spartan sleep schedule, Watt spent his evenings in fluorescent-lit logistics meetings and in musty warehouses stuffed with pallets of food and diapers.

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