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“Having a baby is a very exciting time for both mum and dad, particularly so when it is their first child.

The last few years have brought increased financial pressure for parents, with most families now trying to be sensible.

“For a basic setup, including a crib, mattress and changing table, the average price of each item is at least €150.

However, you can spend much more if you use matching nursery furniture sets and invest in the latest mattress technology.

If you are struggling financially you may qualify for extra help through the Family Income Supplement.

DEAL OF THE WEEK For those looking to extend the summer holiday feeling into the autumn, Brittany Ferries are promoting value deals both for crossings and booking entire holidays with them.

Their 2016 season runs until November 5, so they have a wide range of autumn ferry-plus-accommodation deals on hotel breaks and cottage holidays on offer.

To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.New parents may find they have far less free time to spend on their smartphones but one app well worth downloading is Baby Doc.This app finds special offers on everything from nappies to wipes to baby equipment and includes most major Irish retailers including Dunnes Stores, Tesco, Lloyds Pharmacy, Mothercare, Mc Cabes Pharmacy, and Boots.But, even for parents who do not yet have childcare costs, the bundle of joy comes with a hefty price tag.I spoke to Laura Erskine, Mum-in-Residence at Irish site, about what new parents can expect financially in the first year.

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