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“The last song on the record “Lullaby for you” I wrote just singing, rocking my son to sleep and you know I didn’t even notice, I just sing to him all the time and I didn’t realize I was singing the same thing every night and then I though wait a minute I’m writing a song.And yeah, it is the most natural thing ever, I didn’t even know I was doing it like weeks later.), its meaning is tunes, with beat enough to carry them forward and no other musical distractions.Unlike Mercer and Daniel, he's about flow--intricacy is an occasional afterthought.

She said ‘yeah but every one reads that’.”Maria’s first band Little Red Rocket signed with Geffen Records when Maria was 15 and after Geffen’s famous merger with Universal found the band lost in the shuffle, Little Red Rocket broke up and Maria formed Azure Ray and signed to Saddle Creek in Omaha, Nebraska.“It’s just amazing, I never realized how much I was gonna love being a mom. It’s amazing and it’s harder to write because my attention span…I have to do all these things and I can’t just shut myself away for days and time and really focus. Forget Shins guy James Mercer, Spoon guy Britt Daniel, even Arcade Fire fraterfamilias Win Butler--this vibrato-prone romantic is the greatest melodist in contemporary mega-indie.Whatever his adult solo debut portends for once and future arranger Mike Mogis, the Saddle Creek cartel and his latest girlfriend(s?

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