Companies with abusive or intimidating behavior dating tema

Workplace Bullying Liabilities Bullying poses great liabilities to employers, including: Another concern that arises from workplace bullying is stress-related illness. It is not uncommon for people under extreme stress to develop symptoms of heart disease (i.e.

high blood pressure), gastrointestinal disorders (i.e. irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers) and many other ailments.

The stress that results from bullying can lead to long-term illnesses; some ailments by affect an individual for life.

As a result of the negative feelings associated with workplace bullying, targets are at a very high risk of developing mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorder.

I’m going a little crazy because a few of my colleagues are really public about their frustrations with other colleagues. It’s even happened in meetings — someone will say, “Oh, so and so is going to give that person a call” and one of these colleagues will take a deep breath, cast their eyes up like they are having a little check-in with a higher power, and then say, “No, I’m going to keep that comment to myself” and laugh in a really obnoxious kind of way.

I think it’s one thing to say, “I’m feeling really frustrated with _____ because ______” in a personal conversation with another colleague. They openly make comments about other people, make faces during meetings, lots of open snark and sarcasm about everything they are asked to do, etc. I try to just ignore it — I don’t laugh at their jokes when they are at the expense of others, and I try to lead by example in the way that I talk about my colleagues.

A target may become psychologically injured after long-term abuse.* Your manager would speak to their manager and ask her to put a stop to the behavior.If that didn’t work, your manager would speak to someone above the other manager and ask them to intervene.Examples include accidents, natural disasters, assault, attempted murder and rape because these are considered to be of short duration.However, the trauma related to workplace bullying is not an isolated, short-term event.

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