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In January 2009, a DVD box set of three episodes: Sgt.Slaughter/Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler/the Junkyard Dog, and "Heatseekers"—about wrestlers who have a reputation of "causing trouble" backstage—along with bonus matches involving the stars.This was done, according to the free "Month Preview" show hosted by Jack Korpela to make things easier for Classics viewers.The original six buckets and their programming were: Over time the "ECW" bucket was expanded to "Territories - ECW" and began to incorporate shows from the "territorial days" of the business."Hall of Fame" was renamed to the less restrictive "WWE Legends" and began to house material from the "Specials" bucket, which was also removed.The program features various "legends" of the business, for their work in and out of the ring, having a roundtable discussion about specific topics, persons, or occurrences in the history of wrestling.Most notably both his wrestling and mention of his name is removed from episodes of Monday Night Wars airings of WCW Monday Nitro, as well as match segments from other shows, though he is occasionally mentioned and shown in brief non-wrestling roles.His image eventually returned in a wrestling role during a rebroadcast of WCW World War 3 from 1997.

In April 2009, it was changed again to WWE Classics On Demand. Among the services carrying it were Comcast, AT&T U-Verse (discontinued in 2012), Verizon Fi OS, Mediacom, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Rogers Cable, East Link, Seaside Communications, Cogeco, Armstrong, Cablevision, Sky Italia and not long ago, Astro.Since World Wrestling Entertainment is no longer allowed to use the "WWF" initialism or their 1998–2002 logo except for "specified circumstances", instances of both were edited and/or removed from pertinent programming.In late July 2012, WWE reached a settlement with the World Wide Fund for Nature which once again allows them to use the "WWF" initials and scratch logo on archive footage.Later still the name was changed to its current "TV Classics" when it started housing the programming found in the "Prime Time" bucket, which was removed altogether.The "Old School" and "Big Ones" buckets were combined, keeping the "Big Ones" name, and becoming a bucket for any and all larger shows.

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