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After ordering our drinks, he had spotted Jenny with some friends at a nearby table.John had left me to go and talk to her and that was the last I had seen of him that night.To make it short, I was hooked on Latin women by the time I moved back. It took me a few days to find a few promising websites that offered beautiful Latin wives.

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Like I mentioned before, John and I had a blast during those years, fucking and having our dicks sucked by not only the local women but also those from the Venezuela, Colombia, and god knows what other nationalities that lived in the city.

I had picked up a hot thing half my age and gone back to my apartment where I fucked the shit out of her until we both were lying panting like dogs on the bed.

The next day John had called me to say his partying days were over and he would settle down.

Her eyes were doe-like, and when her gaze met mine, she looked away.

Her skin was the colour of cinnamon and looked soft as velvet.

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