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As both the years 1 and 2 appear frequently in the market, a starting date comparable to the Alexandrian area is likely. While religious calendars tend to start in spring, the influential Macedonian court preferred the late summer/autumn as the start, a system used as well in the region.

Caesarean year 1 missing would support the suggestion this was a very brief first year.Still, the countermarks show regnal years up to year (FA) 5 (Sigma) in a rectangular incuse. Some authors reject a late date in August because Pompey wanted to starve the army of Caesar, what in the harvest month August would not be very logical.Interestingly, a date of the battle in June would solve some inconsistencies in the linkage between dating systems used on coins of Like some regnal years, the first Caesarean year must have been a short one to create the fit with the coin data.This may explain why the ratio between year 1 and 2 is about 1:1 for 19 Alexandrian tetradrachms sold by Forum Ancient Coins.The starting date for the coins of Galba minted in is still debated.

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