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Now the Orioles probably will have to be comfortable accepting 80 cents on the dollar in value for Machado if they trade him before the season, and maybe 60 cents on the dollar if they deal Machado and/or Britton in July.

They might not get more than draft picks in return if they keep Machado through the season, which seems a distinct possibility, given Angelos’ long-established aversion to full-blown teardowns.

The Angels intend to use Ohtani as a starting pitcher, a schedule that will have enormous challenges because of the intense preparation required for somebody in that role.

Folks with other teams wonder if, in the end, Ohtani will be limited in how much he serves as a DH because of all that’s required of him between starts.

If you could save a roster spot this way -- using a position player/pitcher to eat up a couple of innings a week -- that could be incredibly valuable, the evaluator said.

The Padres tried to do something like this last spring, with catcher Christian Bethancourt.

But long ago, a conventional-wisdom line was created between position players and pitchers: Either you did one or the other, but not both.

The Baltimore Orioles aren’t close to being satisfied with any of the small handful of offers they received for Manny Machado, and so general manager Dan Duquette has suggested that the team will move on under the assumption that Machado will be with the team in 2018.But those conversations could restart quickly with just one phone call, because the Orioles are more open-minded than they ever have been before to the idea of trading Machado, who will walk away as a free agent next fall.But Machado’s status is just one of many factors that makes this a crossroad year for the Orioles, an organization built on a passionate fan base. It’s a crucial period for the organization with a lot at stake, because if the Orioles don’t get these moves right, the abyss that seems to be forming ahead of them would be even deeper than expected.As one evaluator mused about Ohtani’s journey the other day, however, he mentioned that a position player -- a utility player, such as Ryan Flaherty (a former Oriole who is currently a free agent) or maybe Charlie Culberson of the Braves -- might be used semiregularly as a reliever.The preparation for the enhanced role would probably need to start in spring training, he said, when the two-way reliever/position player could throw on the side and pitch in exhibition games, etc., and managers could practice implementation.

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