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The result is something like a philosophical debate on the nature of reality with kung fu and guns. But it wasn't the blistering action that attracted Reeves."It was the script," he remembers, "the writing first of all. They found a way in a kind of linear journey to tell a non-linear story. "The film is, I think, character- and story-oriented," he disagrees.This summer, he's continuing the successful trend with The Wachowski Brothers' , a mid-budget sci-fi spectacular which rocketed to number one in the American box office, swiftly redefined the way the future looks and raised Reeves' asking price per movie to million.If this is dumb then Keanu Reeves is slumped on a sofa in a slightly poky suite in Los Angeles' Four Seasons hotel looking mildly knackered.Directors and fellow thesps, though, tell a different story. "I would love to be on board, but I'm not assuming anything.After , Kenneth Branagh said of him: "He's a brave, resilient actor who takes the knocks and plaudits with equal grace. I can just tell you I would love nothing more." There is really only one issue left.I got good enough to do the front flip and the back flip and the run up the wall. And then it gives you this great sort of ride, this great visual feast, that you can get lost in if you want to." was not all laughs, mind.And I got to do one of the spins, so I really enjoyed it. And despite Fishburne's admiration for the Wachowski brothers ("remarkable cats") and co-star Reeves ("one of the most intelligent cats I've ever met"), he admits that the much-vaunted seven months of intense physical training, plus the shoot in Australia, were rather taxing.

And then we have the trials of climbing the mountain." Intellectual crampons aside, there is still a fair amount of action. So I never really looked at it as an action movie apart from some of the gun stuff in the government lobby . "I love the tension; after five hours of setting a shot up and then getting one go at it. It's terrifying but it's also exciting." It was The Wachowskis' determination that they would be able to "pull the camera back" during action scenes that led to the key cast spending a full four months training in kung fu and wire-fighting - a Hong Kong cinema technique in which, during fight sequences, the actors are suspended from wires and flung about the place in a manner that mere muscle power or the Hollywood stunt standbys of trampolines and air-rams, simply can't provide.He's just off the blower to some far-flung publication as part of the press round for can attest, as irritatingly good-looking in real life as he is on the screen.Today he's dressed head to foot in black with a slightly "distressed" V-necked t-shirt completing the ensemble.Keanu Reeves is, "the world" would have you believe, dumb.Enquire as to the precise extent of his dumbness and "the world" will no doubt come back to you with references to pairings of diminutive lumber and the viscosity of porcine excrement. Reeves made his movie debut in 1986 in movies (the pervasive influence of which would have California surfspeak dominating the teen argot from Kidderminster to Karachi - dude).

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