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For one, the data on marital chore division and child care was not provided.Nor was family income data; this is an important determinant in household participation, as Stats Can studies dating back more than a decade show.The participation rate of mothers in household work remained higher than that of fathers, regardless of the children’s age.There’s another way of looking at a seeming stall on the domestic front: that the culture, and women, buy into the notion of a “domestic power premium” that dates to the 19th century.That figure didn’t change for mothers: 66 per cent of mothers did so in 2015, the same proportion as in 1986.

Or three, that at a time when more than 77 per cent of Canadian women work outside of the home and more than one-third of them out-earn their husbands, we’re in a serious societal stall that’s manifesting itself over who cleans the toilet.

It reveals slightly more than three-quarters (76 per cent) of men participated in some form of housework in 2015.

That’s up from just over one half (51 per cent) almost three decades earlier.

This sensibility was evident in an October 2016 Atlantic story: “Emasculated Men Refuse to Do Chores—Except for Cooking.” Men watching their earnings power decline were rebelling, the subhead claimed: “When their manhood is threatened, men react by doing less housework. Meal preparation.” There’s also the persistent belief that women are more innately suited to be the “emotional caretakers”—they’re the ones who remember dentist appointments and pick up the gifts for kids to take to birthday parties.

This is reinforced by the belief men can’t perform these tasks to an acceptable standard—that a structural engineer couldn’t separate colours from whites, or that a surgeon couldn’t properly change a diaper.

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