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This role, essential in the 1950s, was a personal behavior code and an organizing principle for community life, with a strong pressure to fit into these two roles.“If they required individuals to compromise their identity they offered the reward of participation in a community which effectively resisted the oppression of gays and lesbians."[2] Butch Appearance Changes in the butch’s appearance came in the 1950s, when they adopted a working-class, masculine look. “The t-shirt symbolized the daring of lesbians wearing male clothing.

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There appeared to be a discomfort of being touched rooted in their biology.In reference to social life and attending bars, African American lesbians had a more difficult threshold to cross.Center city, Philadelphia was predominantly gay-dominated, with significant racial segregation.Those interviewed stated that they were happy with the role division.They liked being the center of attention and having less work expected of them.

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