Belarus ladies dating

You will be able to find some modest girl which is at the same time very intelligent and for this reason she will never enter the hotel doors with you, even if it will be the best hotel on the entire country or world, as entering into the hotel room with a man means losing her reputation for good, which is a completely bad thing, considering the fact that the reputation is the most cherished thing that she has.At the same time those women are grown according to the traditional type of education that is stating that the family is always supposed to be on the first place and on the top of all the priorities.A very important quality in Minsk is that it is a very developed cultural city, with a variety of cultural centers that are situated here and there throughout the entire city, which is especially significantly seen in comparison with the neighborhood countries.

But I wish to have another part of my life to happen - a real partnership with someone special. Minsk is also known to be the religious centre of Belarus, as in this city is located different mosques, synagogues and confession churches.They are truly opened and very tolerant towards the new cultures.I used to be a professional person all my working life.Now I continue to be active and study a new job of masseuse-cosmetologist. I'm a kind, active, home and child-loving, reliable person.

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