Bae doona and jim sturgess dating

In 2009, he played Gavin Kossef in Crossing Over, appearing with Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd.Set in Los Angeles, the story revolves around immigrants from different countries and backgrounds who share a common bond: they are all desperately trying to gain legal-immigrant status.In Manchester, he fell-in with a group of aspiring actors and film-makers, and his passion for acting was re-ignited.

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The film was later put on hiatus because funding could not be secured. The picture has been described as a contemporary film noir thriller that stars Ray Winstone and Lesley Manville along with Sturgess.

In 2007, he got his big break when he was cast in Julie Taymor's musical Across the Universe, portraying Jude Feeny, a young man who travels to the US amid the raging throes of the late 1960s and falls in love with a sheltered American teenager, Lucy, played by Evan Rachel Wood.

In 2008, he appeared in the historical drama The Other Boleyn Girl in the supporting role of George Boleyn opposite Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson and Eric Bana.

Sturgess dated musician and composer Mickey O'Brien for ten years after meeting in a rehearsal room in North London.

Jim is selling original songs he sang on to raise money for Mickey's sick relative https:// In 2014 it was revealed that Sturgess was dating Cloud Atlas co-star Bae Doona.

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