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I could write hundreds of product ideas down on paper in less than an hour.It’s enough for me to take a look at a car across the street to write down 10 product ideas in less than 2 minutes, such as: Look in your house, on the street, in a bar or restaurant, at school, the gym, your workplace.Everywhere you go you see hundreds of different products that could potentially be good sellers on e Bay.But I understand that this is not an easy task for everyone.Trust me when I say – Before we get started – a quick side note. The first step of this process is to gather product ideas.Just brainstorm – any random product ideas you can come up with!These items will most likely also be popular on e Bay but as I said – don’t over-think the products at this stage. product categories and sub-categories, each carrying hundreds and thousands of different products…

While on Amazon many items in the bestseller lists will be branded products, on sites like Ali Express, all top selling items will be un-branded.

Don’t think about how good or bad an idea it is, just compile a list of as many possible products to sell as you can. I have worked with many people who get completely stuck on this phase because they start analysing each idea they come up with.

And this puts a block on your brainstorming and slows everything down – the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve at this point.

Margins on these cheap cases are less than 50p per case, often just 10p or 20p. Now, I know that some of you may just want to ask me – Why would they? To give you everything on a plate after they’ve done all the research?

Now, can you imagine running a profitable e Bay business making just 10p profit per processed order? As much as I love my blog readers, it would be “business suicide” to start publishing the best products that I’ve found from my own research and testing.

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