Acrobat consolidating duplicate fonts

Sometimes, however, PDF documents are created with multiple copies of the same font, either as multiple subsets or multiple, fully embedded copies of a font file.

When there are multiple copies of the same font, they may be merged into a single font.

Note that sometimes different versions of a font in a PDF document share the same name.

When this happens, these named fonts are not merged.

When I go to add some of the separate files there is a pause of a few minutes and I get a message that says consolidating duplicate files.

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Embedding fonts in your output PDF document ensures that the document can be opened and viewed on any machine, because the fonts travel with the document.

Though when i ran the pdf through Acrobat X pro and optimize its reduce almost 90% from like 160 mb to 5 mb.

The usage audit says its 90% of the pdf is fonts before optimizing.

The base14 fonts should be available on any machine that attempts to render or work with PDF documents.

That means that there is no reason to embed base14 fonts in a PDF document any longer, but if base14 fonts are embedded in a PDF, use this option to remove them.

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