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The purpose of burning these settlements is a subject of debate among scholars; some of the settlements were reconstructed several times on top of earlier habitational levels, preserving the shape and the orientation of the older buildings.One particular location; the Poduri site in Romania, revealed thirteen habitation levels that were constructed on top of each other over many years.As of 2003, about 3,000 cultural sites have been identified, Traditionally separate schemes of periodisation have been used for the Ukrainian Trypillia and Romanian Cucuteni variants of the culture.The Cucuteni scheme, proposed by the German archaeologist Hubert Schmidt in 1932, The Cucuteni–Trypillia culture is commonly divided into an Early, Middle, Late period, with varying smaller sub-divisions marked by changes in settlement and material culture.Clay statues of females and amulets have been found dating to this period.Copper items, primarily bracelets, rings and hooks, are occasionally found as well.The culture thus extended northeast from the Danube river basin around the Iron Gates to the Black Sea and the Dnieper.

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During the Atlantic and Subboreal climatic periods in which the culture flourished, Europe was at its warmest and moistest since the end of the last Ice Age, creating favorable conditions for agriculture in this region.Settlements also developed in the southeastern stretches of the Carpathian Mountains, with the materials known locally as the Ariuşd culture (see also: Prehistory of Transylvania).Most of the settlements were located close to rivers, with fewer settlements located on the plateaus.The harvest was collected with scythes made of flint-inlaid blades. Women were involved in pottery, textile- and garment-making, and played a leading role in community life.Men hunted, herded the livestock, made tools from flint, bone and stone.

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    The mountain's name was then combined with -zhou, meaning "settlement" or "prefecture," in a manner similar to many other Chinese cities.

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    The Greeks consider the first Olympic Games as the beginning or 776 BC.